A Place Were People Can Meet to Share Ideas
And Find Answers to Their Problems
This Web Site is intended for People with different problems and disabilities
to interact with others who may have found solutions

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I would welcome any input or assistance from anyone willing to contribute to this web page.
My name is Paul Gifford, I broke my neck 23 years ago while falling trees for a pulp mill.
I use a chin controlled wheelchair, I type with a mouth stick, and have no real use of my arms or legs.
After 23 years of being a Quadriplegic I have found ways to solve many of the problems that I was faced with.
I came to the realization that people who have gone through these situations can greatly help others to find answers to their personal problems as well.

My goal for this web site is to help People find solutions to the problems that they encounter as physically challenge people and that they can better their lives, weather its through advice from others who have found solutions to their problems or by providing them with the equipment that will meet their individual needs.

I am a Computer draftsmen and I have design a number of things that I use on a daily bases to make my life as a high level quadriplegic easier. After 23 years of experience I feel I have a good understanding of how to solve many of the problems that people with disabilities face. If you would contact me by email with your particular problem, I would love the opportunity to try to find a solution or at the least find someone who may have that solution

I also welcome anyone willing to help in any way with this whole endeavor ... I hope this web site becomes a place were people meet to share experiences and are willing to help there fellow man.... Thank you!

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